About Anne

Anne Holland is a fully qualified Pilates Teacher who has been teaching Pilates classes since July 2008 and is a member of The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA).

Anne previously worked in the fitness industry and then spent 11 years working in the financial services industry, mostly office based, so understands firsthand the implications of sitting at a PC for most of the day.

Being a naturally sporty person Anne has always enjoyed a wide range of activities, but in around 1992 when she'd started competitive running she developed knee, hip and back problems. She sought advice from many health professionals and was eventually informed that the problems probably resulted from a bad fall which had displaced her hips and spine – the most likely cause being from her early years of horse riding. Following treatment, Anne was advised to take up yoga (before Pilates became mainstream), and this is where her story really begins...

Anne has practiced yoga since around 1992 and inadvertently was also practicing Pilates exercises, under the guise of core stability and body sculpting. Anne still enjoys many sports including mountain biking, running, swimming and skiing but finds Pilates is the most effective and fun way to maintain her posture, keep her flexible, strong and free from pain and injury.

For this reason, in 2006, she left the corporate world behind and trained as a Pilates Teacher. Through her training and life experiences her objective is to teach informative, effective and challenging Pilates routines to assist others in attaining their health and fitness goals.

Pilates qualifications & further training:

St John Ambulance Emergency First Aid at Work – Current

Body Control Pilates Small Ball & Toning Circle - Feb 2020

Body Control Pilates Matwork Conversion Course

APPI All The Small Balls - 2017

APPI Yoga as Therapy Level 2 with Dr Christopher Norris - 2015

Physical Company Triggerpoint Level 1 Foam Rolling Principles & Practices - 2015

Body Control Pilates Active IQ Level 3 Award in Physical Activity (Pilates) and Health Considerations for the Older Adult - 2015

APPI Yoga as Therapy Level 1 with Dr Christopher Norris - 2015

Dissection Workshop 'Fascial Anatomy, Fascia Form & Function' - Julian Baker & Gary Carter - 2014

Pilates Foundation Gary Carter's Anatomy & Myofascial Movement Training - 2014

APPI Pilates and the Theraband - 2013

Physical Company BOSU Personal Training Certification - 2013

APPI Pilates & Osteoporosis - 2013

Polestar Pilates UK Franklin Method Workshops weekend – 2012

Thomas Myers' Anatomy Trains for Movement Therapists - 2011

YMCAfit Level 3 Award in Functional Training for the Independent Older Adult - 2011

Body Control Pilates with the Band: Beginners to Intermediate - 2009

Body Control The Foam Roller: Beginners to Intermediate - 2009

Pilates Training Solutions Level 3 Certificate in Teaching Mat Pilates - 2009

Pilates Training Solutions Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Mat Pilates - 2008